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You care about what you eat and you want to grow it yourself. We want to help you!

All our seeds and seedlings are organic, non-GMO, and have been open-pollinated. Our gardens are loved by nature’s best pollinators! For those who want a head start on the growing season, our seedlings are a great option!

Seeds listed are the most current season, unless otherwise stated.

All packets are $2 each. Numbers represent the minimum amount of seeds per packet.

Contact us for orders and inquiries and information on available seedlings. Bulk ordering discounts available. Seeds can be mailed, free shipping for orders over $30.

  • Calendula: 25
  • Chamomile: +100
  • Cilantro: 60
  • Collards: 20
  • Corn (Heritage): 20
  • Kale: 100
  • Peas (Snap, Trellis-Free): 12
  • Parsley (Italian): 100
  • Peppers (Hot, Ring of Fire): 10
  • Pumpkin: 12
  • Rhubarb: 12
  • Spinach: 100
  • Sunflower
    Small: 30
    Medium: 30
    Large: 10
  • Tobacco (Heritage): 200
  • Zucchini: 12


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