Fresh & Dried Herbs



All herbs listed are organically grown in our gardens, and are non-GMO and open pollinated. Fresh herbs are available during the growing season. Dried herbs are available year round. Contact us for orders and inquiries. Some herbs may not be listed but are still available. Bulk ordering discounts available.


BASIL: $12/100g
import.jpg CALENDULA: $12/100g
comfrey COMFREY: $12/100g
lemon balm LEMON BALM: $5/100g
parsley PARSLEY: $4/100g
thyme THYME
Bay leaves BAY LEAF: $12/100g
import.jpg CHAMOMILE: $5/100g
dill DILL: $5/100g
lemon verbena LEM. VERBENA: $12/100g
ROSEMARY: $4/100g
Winter Savory (Satureja montana) plant WINTER SAV.: $4/100g
import.jpg BERGAMOT: $12/100g
chives CHIVES: $4/100g
import.jpg GARLIC SCAPES: $8/100g
lovage leaves on wooden background LOVAGE: $12/100g
import.jpg SPEARMINT: $4/100g
burdock BURDOCK: $12/100g
cilantro CILANTRO: $4/100g
import.jpg LAVENDER: $12/100g
oregano OREGANO: $4/100g
SUMMER SAV.: $4/100g

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