10 Easy Vegetables and Herbs You Can Grow Inside Your Home

10 Easy Vegetables and Herbs You Can Grow Inside Your Home

If you don’t have the space outdoors to grow a garden don’t worry! You may be surprised to realize what you can grow in the comfort of your own home, or on a small balcony space. There are many vegetables and herbs that you can grow. For this list we wanted to pull together some of the easier vegetables that wouldn’t be as temperamental. Regardless if your home has direct sunlight or not you will find a couple of different types of vegetables and herbs to get started with.

Carrots: Carrots are one of the easiest vegetables to grow indoors because keeping a steady level of moisture in the soil is easier to maintain. Ensure that you choose a pot that is adequate in depth for the length of carrots your are growing indoors or on a balcony.

Green Beans: Green beans are easy to grow, and they grow quickly. They love the warmth and safety of a container environment, which makes them ideal for growing indoors.

Potatoes: This may be one that surprises you but plant your potatoes in a bucket or a sack and they can easily be grown inside or on a small balcony. Just remember to add soil throughout the growth cycle to keep them buried and well-nourished.

Kale: A common one grown inside, kale is easy to grow. One little trick is to make sure you sow the seeds a bit further apart to avoid crowding.

Tomatoes: All you need is a 6-inch pot of soil and a sunny spot in your home and you can easily grow tomatoes inside. Tomato plants to great indoors on your kitchen window sill, where they also add a nice pop of colour to your home!

Mint: An easy herb to start with, mint doesn’t need direct sunlight to grow and tend to thrive in a potted environment.

Ginger: Not often thought of as a home-grown edible, ginger can be easy to grow inside. The key is making sure that you can keep the soil moist, so make sure you mist it regularly.

Beets: If you want a beginner plant to start with, beets may be your best option. They are very forgiving and perfect if you are just starting out and testing your indoor gardening thumb.

Lettuce: Nothing tastes better than picking fresh salad greens right from your garden. If you have a window sill that offers plenty of sunlight, you can grow lettuce. Best of all, you can cut it and then watch it regrow!

Green Onion: The perfect addition to any salad, green onions are another easy vegetable to grow and they can grow all year long.

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