5 Questions to Ask a Landscaping Company Before You Hire Them

5 Questions to Ask a Landscaping Company Before You Hire Them

So you have an idea of what you want to do with your yard and now it’s time to look at hiring a landscaping company. Chances are you may ask a friend who they used or go to a trusted Google search to help suggest some options for you.

It’s difficult to know what type of a company you are getting. So, before you officially hire a landscaping company here are 5 questions that you will want to ask the potential landscaping company to ensure that you get the right company for  the job.

Are you a full service or a maintenance landscaping company?

Not all landscaping companies offer both full service and maintenance services. When researching companies make sure that you know what they offer. After your landscaping design is complete, it can be  convenient and nice to have the same company who designed the space and knows your landscape well able to maintain it ongoing (if required).

It’s also just as important to ask the company what full-service means. It’s important to get clarity so that you understand what they fully offer vs. what you may have to sub out in the future.

Discuss Your Plans

It’s exciting to start dreaming and planning what your yard is going to look like after landscaping. With all the new ideas on Pinterest and Houzz, it’s easy to get caught up in tons of new ideas. Make sure that you discuss your entire plan with your potential landscaping company. It’s also important to discuss budget. Some things may look easy and inexpensive to do but because of your property may require more work than  anticipated.

Do you do the work or will you hire subcontractors?

You want to ensure that the company you are hiring is able to handle the workload that your project may have, especially for larger projects. Understanding if you will be working directly with them or if they will have to subcontract out certain elements of the project is important to know. You will want to establish who the main point of contact will be to handle questions and concerns and make sure that there are no surprises.

Do you use sustainable practices and materials?

It’s always nice to work with a company that is committed to the environment and leaving a positive impact on our planet. Asking your landscaping company what type of practices they follow can help you ensure that they are a correct fit for you.

Don’t forget to cover your basics!

It’s really easy to want to jump right into hiring a landscaping company and getting right to work but it’s important to not only ask the questions we listed above but to also cover the basic questions too.

  •      How long have you been in business?
  •      Can you provide any references?
  •      Can you share examples of your work?

Hopefully these questions will help you identify the right landscaping company to help you with your project. The single most important thing to remember when selecting a company is finding someone that you can trust and feel comfortable working around your home.

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