We are passionate nature-scapers.

Dragonlily Gardens services the Fraser Valley of beautiful British Columbia, providing organic garden solutions in design, installation, maintenance, and disease control.

Nature Play Space

Giving children the space to play and learn in natural outdoor playgrounds is vital for building early connections with nature that foster a future attitude of environmental stewardship. We create opportunity for physical and creative play, while simultaneously supporting physical, intellectual and socioemotional development in children through the development of Nature Play Spaces.

Landscaping Services

Dragonlily Gardens offers a full spectrum of landscape care services with heart. Providing organic solutions in design, installation, maintenance and disease control, we’re making outdoor spaces naturally beautiful through sustainable and environmentally kind products and processes.

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We install vegetable gardens in all sizes and scopes – from large acreages to back yards to small patio spaces. We also provide the traditional landscape installation of plants, shrubs, and trees, as well as pavers, mulch, gravel, and other materials. We design, install, and maintain Nature Play Spaces, interactive learning scapes, ornamental, perennial, and food producing permaculture-based gardens, as well as traditional landscape solutions, both hard and soft scape.

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